Depending on whether it is a fully edentulous or partially edentulous jaw, we are talking about the total or partial denture.

Total denture

If there is no single tooth in the jaw, we're talking about complete denture. The main structure of the denture can be acrylate or a metallic material (wironit) in which artificial teeth are placed, which may be be either acrylic or ceramic.

Partial dentures

Indications for a partial denture in the jaw are when there are no major teeth that can be carriers for the bridge. In this case, nonexistent teeth are compensated with the partial denture that can be acrylic or metal.

Combined works

If, for example, the layout of the existing frontal teeth is such that it can be solved by a bridge, and there are no distal teeth, the case is solved with combination work. The bridge is placed on front teeth, which is attached with the metal solidifies (wironit) on denture. This kind of dentures are stable and highly functional.

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