Implant-supported dentures

Patients who don't have any teeth, and can't wear complete dentures because of falling out (the reason may be the atrophy of the bone), or have no funds for the first version, may install a smaller number of implants to solve their problem. After healing, the implants are connected with the bar or attachments are put on them. The prosthesis is anchored to the implant using ball, perfectly on the part that is embedded in the implant.

That kind of work allows the patient to wear a prosthesis without fear that it will fall out. This is a particularly good method for the lower edentulous jaw which often leads to severe atrophy of bone in the jaw ridge which disappears. For that kind of work there should be incorporated 2-4 implants into the upper jaw and 2 implants in the lower jaw.

Patients who have worn dentures for many years often have insufficient bone mass. This problem can be resolved before implantation with augmentation, insertion of an artificial bone. After implant placement, and after removing thread, the patient gets the appropriate prosthetic replacement. After 4-6 months for the upper jaw and 2-3 months for the lower jaw, the patient gets a compatible prosthetic work. This time is necessary for osseointegration to avoid falling out of built implants. We use products of the world's leading manufacturers of implants: NobelBiocare and Sky.

Innovation in our practice is a new method of making bridges.

  • Gold - Ceramics
  • Metal - Ceramic

Method of fitting with the screw is better, because the bridge can be removed without any damage.It is good to periodically visit a dentist who will do the control of your teeth. If necessary, he can easily remove the bridge, clean it thoroughly, and make small correction if needed. At the same visit, your bridge is reattach with screws to the implant.

Gold - Ceramics is the most accurate and aesthetically the most beautiful prosthetic work, but is available to a small number of patients. With procurement of laser in dental laboratory we are able to offer a metal-ceramic bridges on the principle of fixing screw. The construction of these bridges is made of high quality stainless steel coated with ceramics. This kind of work is financially much more accessible to our patients and the quality, duration, and aesthetics are not behind the gold-ceramic bridges.

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