Our prosthetic services would have been unthinkable without the good cooperation with the dental laboratory, which is also the part of our family dental services.

The founder is Ivan Galeković - dental technician, and the oldest member of our team, as well as laboratory manager. Laboratory was established in 1990, and it was the first private laboratory in our region. Today, the laboratory provides services only to our clinics. Premises have been expanded and modernized. Six technicians are working in the laboratory. They all have  been attending many seminars in Croatia and abroad, because this is the only way to keep track of all modern advances in dental technology. Each technician specializes in one type of prosthetic work, because only this system of work provides superior quality and aesthetics of all our work.

From many modern appliances that have been supporting the dental laboratory (furnaces for ceramics, blasted, polishing appliances, presses, etc.), we can point out laser from well known manufacturer Bego. 

Acquisition of the laser we are able to offer our patients the metal-ceramic bridges on the principle of fixing screw. Before that, this kind of work was made only on gold. Gold is very expensive precious metal, therefore available to a small number of patients. Thanks to the laser in our laboratory, we can offer metal-ceramic bridges on the screw from high quality steel.

Laser allows us to repair metal dentures, other metallic denture devices, as well as corrections of metal work on the implants.

The most precise metal castings require a good caster. Our caster of Bego company allows us to do perfect precision castings and high casting speed. Our caster can, in a short period of time, pour a lot more casting than some older models.
Precisely because of the use of the latest and high quality equipment, we can provide you with the quality and fast service.

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