Teeth Whitening

ELEXXION CLAROS NANO - Dental diode laser

Laser technology represents the evolution in medical technology and irreplaceable daily support to traditional dental techniques. Elexxion laser devices are equipped with a number of programs that are consistent with the average values, confirmed in numerous scientific papers and through cooperation with the most prestigious universities and renowned doctors and experts in dentistry.

The advantages of laser teeth whitening:

  • Painlessness - thanks to pulse laser beam enamel and deeper layers of tissue are not heated.
  • There is no thermal heating or gum irritation because the laser beam is directed onto the tooth and gum area is protected by a special gel.
  • Security - the dentist at all times controls the length and strength of laser beam exposure to the tissue without any unnecessary effects on the surrounding tissue.
  • Efficiency - the speed of the procedure and results are visible within 24 hours

ZOOM teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with gel whose main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. Zoom blue light helps its activation and penetration into the surface of the tooth. The principle is that the ZOOM halogen light of specific wavelength induces decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, and thus freed oxygen enters the enamel and dentin and bleaches the color of teeth, with an average improvement of up to a several shades. The teeth are polished first, then the gums and lips are protected to achieve dry working areas. After that, a whitening gel is applied and light activated. 

ZOOM teeth whitening procedure

The patient's eyes are protected with special glasses. After isolation of soft tissue on the front of the teeth, whitening gel is applied, which is activated by the ZOOM light. The procedure takes 45 minutes up to 1 hour. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this method is that the lamp releases more heat which makes the whole process less comfortable for the patient.

Achieved whiteness will be held 6 months to a year, when is necessary to repeat the treatment.

Teeth whitening at home

For this procedure is necessary that your dentist creates a mask for your teeth, in which puts 3% hydrogen peroxide. That mask you put on the teeth overnight. Results are visible after two weeks, and the procedure can be repeated when there is a need. Smokers and people who don't take care of their oral hygiene will have to repeat this procedure frequently to achieve the desired results. The drawback of this method is the high sensitivity of the teeth that can be mitigated with the toothpaste like Sensodyne whitening and that bleaching is carried out in uncontrolled conditions.

In addition to this method of whitening, one can always choose to apply toothpaste with whitening effect. Their effectiveness depends on the cause of coloration i.e. layers, and it will be difficult to assess which toothpaste best suits your needs.

Toothpaste for whitening teeth are not the best solution. They contain coarse abrasion microgranules, which remove deposits but also damage the enamel. In addition, it is unlikely that whitening toothpaste will perform a miracle. Because of the silicon contained in these toothpastes, teeth become thinner and more vulnerable, and the enamel is irreversibly damaged.

Before deciding on a tooth whitening at home it would be advisable to visit a dentist to conduct a examination and determine the reasons for coloring of teeth. Care about the health and aesthetic appearance of the teeth should be left to professional hands.

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