Tips and FAQ

How can I get an appointment at your practice?

For your first visit you can make an appointment by phone or email, and we'll be happy to see you as soon as possible.

Will you take my X-rays or should I bring them with me?

You don't have to bring image with you. We will do orthopan, and, if nessesery, the RVG snapshot of individual tooth.

I’m 60 and I would like to get an implant. Is there an age limit for dental implants?

There is no upper age limit for the implant. It is important that there is enough bone. If the bone is withdrawn, it can be offset by bone transplantation or insertion of artificial bone.

I'm missing a tooth. Which is the better option, an implant or a bridge?

In cases when a tooth is missing and the bone is healthy, installing a dental implant is recommended in order to preserve the adjacent teeth. In order to fit a dental bridge, the two adjacent teeth need to be filed down, becoming abutment teeth. A bridge is recommended in cases when placing an implant is not possible or when the patient does not wish to have one placed.

I have a large filling on a front tooth. My dentist suggests to me to make a crown, but I'm afraid that color will deviate from the color of my teeth. Is it okay to grind the tooth?

Big filling is the indication for a crown, and Easyshade will determine the color of your teeth!

I have six front teeth in the upper jaw, no molars. Do I have to wear dentures with visible clasps?

Front teeth can be grinded and the bridge can be made which ends with small beads or other parts, on which dentures are then clasped. These attachmments are not invisible.

I have a purulent inflammation at the root of the central incisior. The tooth is permanently swollen, and I go tirelessly on medication replacement! The tooth is little open, little closed, but never finished! Is there any solution other than tooth extraction?

Of course! In our practice we do the operation of the apex and granuloma!

Which is better, retainers or braces?

Both devices have their purpose. The selection is based on the diagnosis and the patient's age. Mobile is mainly used for children. In adults, the fixed braces are recommended.

Do braces have to be ugly and metal?

No, fixed braces don't have to be entirely metal, braces may be ceramic, wire can be white, so the whole braces becomes aesthetically acceptable.

Can I get my teeth whitened at your practice?

Of course we can. We use the zoom method, or you can whiten your teeth at home.
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